Outlook 2024
Key Strategies to Empower Growth in Times of Significant Change
2024 bronze stevie winner
Alexander Kesler, Founder & CEO, INFUSE

Outlook 2024

As we near the close of another year, it is a pivotal moment for reflection. B2B leaders are in a critical position to assess the effectiveness of their strategies and chart a new course for 2024.

In recent years, the business landscape has undergone rapid transformation, largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the years following, companies adapted swiftly, leading to a post-pandemic economic resurgence. However, this was short-lived as 2023 brought economic uncertainty, provoking widespread budget cuts and downsizing.

This also shifted attention to technology purchases as many B2B organizations found themselves burdened with bloated tech stacks that proved difficult to maintain. Coupled with diminishing PE/VC resources and the AI hype cycle leveling off, this trend has given rise to a more defensive approach among buyers.

As a result, organizations are now facing a complex business environment as expectations to drive performance and ROI are met conversely with reduced budgets and teams.

So, what does success look like in 2024?

The challenge of maintaining growth with reduced resources remains at the core of B2B trends going into 2024, highlighting a significant GTM misalignment affecting many organizations as marketers abandon their goals to support sales pipeline growth. As a result, GTM is set to become the new demand in terms of overall focus, as businesses assess the role of key operational functions.

Adapting GTM models is crucial for prioritizing the seamless experience and highly personalized brand engagement buyers have come to expect. The rise of AI has also mostly been focused on scaling content, with over half of marketers using AI to enhance content creation and optimization in multiple formats. Few have utilized this technology for predictive data analysis, market insights, or other complex operations.

Achieving complete organizational alignment through RevOps, coupled with delivering outstanding buyer experiences through ABX and CX-centric approaches, will become a paramount strategy to B2B organizations striving to exceed their customers’ expectations in a time of more independent and scrutinous buyers. Ultimately, businesses must focus on optimizing how they conduct GTM motions by fueling interdepartmental collaboration between sales, marketing, client success, and operations functions—all through the lens of how this contributes to a positive impact on prospective buyers.

This calls for an agile approach to current strategies while also developing new, high-impact strategies to pursue goals and attain excellence in the evolving B2B landscape.

To help you prepare for the challenges ahead, we have come together to provide insights and expertise on the crucial trends essential for success with Outlook 2024. This includes:

  • Key data findings from our INFUSE Insights research of over 1800 tech buyers and marketers at the forefront of driving business decisions and strategies:
    • Voice of the Buyer 2024
    • Voice of the Marketer 2024
  • The great tech stall and what it means for marketers in 2024
  • How to tackle buyer scrutiny with effective demand generation strategies
  • Actionable steps to drive outcomes with ABX
  • How RevOps can be utilized to anchor your GTM success
  • How AI is being leveraged in demand generation in 2024 and beyond
  • A detailed look at the partner and channel opportunities in the upcoming year

I am confident that these valuable perspectives, and our annual INFUSE Insights research, will empower you to achieve demand excellence and cultivate innovation for your business in 2024.

Discover the upcoming three-part Demand Excellence webcast series launching in the coming year. Join us as we delve into our research and insights from industry leaders and continue to explore the state of the market and its trajectory for the year ahead.

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Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, global markets have adjusted to meet economic challenges and uncertainty in the tech landscape. Explore the current trends shaping the future of tech, and how to navigate the “great stall” to drive growth in the year ahead.
2024 is set to be a year of optimistically mild expectations. Buyers are likely to remain scrutinous yet eager to purchase solutions that deliver ROI by enabling better tech stack integration and alignment between teams. Discover impactful demand tactics to tackle buyer scrutiny in 2024 and beyond.
The landscape of ABM in the B2B sector is marked by intriguing trends and challenges, painting a compelling picture for businesses aiming to forge stronger connections with their target audiences. This chapter provides exclusive insights into how to effectively drive outcomes with personalization and ABX strategies.
2023 has been a pivotal year in the development of AI, with many investors describing it as the biggest revolution since the invention of the internet. This Outlook chapter dissects how to effectively leverage AI for sustainable demand generation, without adding risk to your business and brand image.
The prevalence of buyer scrutiny, pipeline slowdown, and lengthy sales cycles presents businesses with a formidable storm to weather. Innovating GTM models is crucial for driving fundamental change. Delve into how to fuel your GTM strategies with RevOps to achieve revenue growth across your organization in 2024.
In today’s dynamic B2B landscape, partnerships are more important than ever for addressing increasingly complex buying processes. Discover how to leverage partnership and channel opportunities in 2024 to meet evolving buyer needs and drive ROI.
As the B2B demand generation space continues to evolve, the pressure is on marketers to stay ahead of change. Read the report for key data insights and innovative strategies to tackle scrutiny and encourage pipeline velocity.
This research covers the top concerns and priorities of buyers in 2024 currently shaping the B2B marketplace. Read the report to gain strategies for ensuring impactful outcomes for your demand efforts.
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Outlook 2024 contributors

Alexander Kesler
Founder & CEO
Larysa Zakirova
Dan Freeman
David Verwey
Victoria Albert
VP Marketing
Mukesh Rajpurohit
Andrew Sambrook
SVP Global Demand Generation
Joseph Braue
VP Custom Content Solutions
Scott Vaughan
B2B CMO & GTM Leader
Sarah Sehgal
Director, Growth Marketing
at Open Sesame
Heather Berggren
Senior Director Demand
and Media Operations at Cisco
Liz Wood
VP of Demand, NAM
at MOI Global
Kerry Cunningham
6sense Research
& Thought Leadership
Leslie Alore
SVP, Lifecycle Marketing
at Ivanti
Outlook 2023: New Realities in Marketing
Alexander Kesler, Founder & CEO, INFUSE

Insights from INFUSE Demand Experts to Empower Your Growth in 2023 and Beyond

As the sun sets on another year, now is the time to reflect, analyze, and plan new innovative strategies in order to generate the best outcomes for 2023.

Indeed, ahead of next year’s challenges lies the opportunity to drive growth and results for those quick to pivot to trends with flexible and resilient strategies that keep pace with emerging developments. It is evident that if success is to be attained in 2023, a significant shift in marketing strategies will be required.

At the center of the trends driving the evolution in B2B marketing is the need for marketing and demand leaders to demonstrate quantifiable performance and significant results from their marketing investment initiatives. This emphasis on performance and growth marketing born from the pressures of the looming recession has already had noticeable impact on the role of marketing departments within organizations—and will continue to affect how teams operate next year.

In fact, Forrester reports that up to 20% of demand teams stand to be incorporated into sales functions in 2023—a rather concerning statistic that demonstrates the ongoing problem of misalignment between sales and marketing and a wider issue that continues to plague many organizations.

While certainly an attempt to improve performance and boost revenue, this trend only emphasizes the need for marketers to deliver extraordinary growth results in the face of greater budget scrutiny—or risk losing their autonomy to the sales team.

Therefore, driving outcomes despite internal pressures and the challenges of the current economic climate must be the key priority of marketers in 2023. At the core of delivering performance is a greater focus on demand performance, as well as other long-term drivers that support showcasing true marketing value by engaging a higher percentage of organizations’ total addressable markets.

Implementing this strategy will not only necessitate organization-wide alignment, but marketers must further evolve their roles to meet the new objectives and stay up-to-date with emerging trends. Failure to do so will only exacerbate the issue as organizations will be unable to adequately deliver a balanced client experience that matches the needs of today’s buyers to generate effective results.

2023 will also see new realities in marketing due to the emergence of ABX, economic downturn, and evolving buyer demands, to name a few.

In light of the ever-evolving marketing landscape, it is essential to create an effective strategy and remain precise and responsive in order to ensure performance to drive business forward in 2023.

To aid your decision making next year, our INFUSE leadership team has come together to share their passion and expertise on the key trends and areas of focus that will determine success in 2023 and beyond:

  • The need for marketers to evolve to deliver the demand performance necessary to empower business growth
  • The importance of data and tech to inform decision making and revenue growth
  • The changing needs of buyers and why businesses must enable prospective buyers at target accounts with relevant experiences
  • The role of alignment and organizational structures to yield powerful results and performance regardless of budget restrictions
  • The alliances and partnerships to forge to gain market share during an economic slowdown

With a collective 200+ years of demand experience, we believe that these insights from our team will help you drive impactful outcomes and innovation for your business in 2023 as our leaders do at INFUSE.

Be sure to check back as we regularly update this 2023 Outlook with new insights to aid your strategies.

By Mukesh Rajpurohit,
VP of APAC Sales
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VP of Marketing
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SVP of Global Demand Generation
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VP of Marketing
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Outlook 2022: What's Next in B2B Marketing?
Alexander Kesler, Founder & CEO, INFUSE

Outlook 2022

As the ever-evolving B2B landscape continues to present unique challenges for B2B marketers, its changing nature also means new possibilities and opportunities. It is only logical to question how the B2B market will continue to shift in 2022, and which strategies will be the most effective for managing change.

In INFUSE’s outlook for 2022, our industry experts forecast the upcoming trends and their impact on not only demand generation, but the B2B marketplace and how we work in general.

Outlook 2022 was written in December 2021, before the invasion of Ukraine.

Therefore, this piece has been revisited, with new considerations (labeled as “update”) and a new section on Cyber Resilience to reflect on how this escalating war has and will continue to change the predictions we made at the end of 2021.

Our focus will be on the impact of the conflict on B2B growth marketing. We believe that any geopolitical commentary would be out of place and beyond our expertise.

Demand generation has to rise to meet the changing needs and pain points of target audiences in the short and long term. Read this chapter for trends that are bringing transformation to the B2B demand space and are likely to have a significant impact on strategies in 2022.
Understanding the motivations and the individual processes that lead up to a purchasing decision has always remained a challenge in the more complex B2B buyer’s journey. In this chapter, we explore evolutions in this process, both in terms of technique and general approach.
The buyer experience is set to continue evolving into a streamlined, seamless process, influencing future changes to marketing operations and sales enablement. Read this chapter to discover how to craft effective buyer journeys to drive conversions in 2021.
The removal of cookies presents many marketers with a unique challenge. However, it is also an opportunity to improve upon the limitations of cookies by finding a more universal alternative. Read this chapter to discover how to harness this opportunity.
The way that teams are built after the cutbacks of 2020 will instigate a new round of changes that will shape the future of work. In this chapter, we explore emerging trends and how they affect the structure of companies, the working life of employees, and more.
Based on the events of 2021, 2022 will likely be a year of even more cyber attacks. However, these threats can be anticipated and combated by developing preventative strategies. Read this chapter to discover effective strategies against such cybersecurity threats.
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What’s Next: Outlook 2021
Alexander Kesler, Founder & CEO, INFUSE

Outlook 2021

At the beginning of 2021, B2B marketers find themselves at a crossroads – both in terms of the business climate and the greater social context in which they operate. What’s next?

In our Outlook for 2021, INFUSE leadership share their unique views and insights into this major moment in B2B marketing, including exciting developments that lay in store for INFUSE in the year ahead.

By Larysa Zakirova,
Chief Operating Officer
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VP of Marketing
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