Episode 1:

Delivering Demand Performance in the Era of Defensive Buying Groups

What Are B2B Demand and Revenue
Marketing Teams Doing Right Now
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Moderated by

Scott Vaughan

B2B CMO and GTM Leader


Sarah Sehgal

Director of Growth Marketing

Heather Berggren

Senior Director of Demand and Media Operations

Liz Wood

VP of Demand, NAM

Session overview:

Demand and revenue marketers face the daily challenge of meeting escalating targets within an unpredictable economic environment.

This is particularly demanding as buying groups have grown larger and increasingly risk-averse—a development that is compounded by many organizations tackling tech stack bloat and navigating new technology platform transitions.

Based on exclusive findings from the INFUSE Insights reports and perspectives from B2B marketing leaders, this first episode of the webcast series explores:

  • How demand teams are investing in strategies to meet ever-increasing targets
  • The roles and skills being added to revenue teams to support performance
  • The demand metrics and KPIs being measured to define success in today’s dynamic environment

INFUSE demand leaders are joined by expert guests to further explore current market trends and gain exclusive strategies to drive engagement with today’s risk-averse buyers.

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